Saturday, January 27, 2007


Everyone has had at least one bad hair cut in their life and Penelope Persian is no exception.

Anyone who owns a Persian cat knows that regular grooming is a necessity. The problem that I face is that Penelope HATES being brushed! She will run a mile at very sight of her brush. If and when I catch her she hisses, growls, kicks and scratches until the brushing has ceased. As far as Penelope is concerned she is more than capable of grooming herself. My assistance is definitely unwanted.

Lack of regular brushing in Persian cats leads to small knots which if left unchecked spiral out of control and before you know it your beautiful long haired cat is wearing a coat of badly maintained dreadlocks. Not a good look!

As the months went by Penelope's knots got progressively worse. Mid way through spring I decided that enough was enough. The knots had to go!! I booked Penelope into the local vet for a "lion cut". The "lion cut" needs to be done under a general anesthetic. So Penelope needed to spend the day at the vet. It's called a lion cut because all the fur from the body and the upper legs is shaved off. All that remains is the fur on the cat's head, (giving the impression of a lion's maine) tail and the lower part of the legs.

When we got Penelope home she was less than impressed with her new look. I fact she was one cranky kitty. I think she thought someone had stolen her coat. As Penelope's cranky mood faded she seemed to become depressed. She wouldn't get out of her bed. She moped around the house and just looked miserable. To make matter worse we had a cold snap of weather. I had to put a little dog coat on her, for warmth. The coat fit well around her chest, but was to short and didn't cover her back fully. Maybe, an enterprising person out there should start designing and manufacturing little kitty coats.

Penelope's depression lasted a few days she eventually adjusted to her new look. She did look a tad funny. She had a tiny little body and a big fluffy head and tail. Her legs also looked looked a little strange. It was like she had a knee high ugg boots on. In this instance she was the cat equivalent of Pamela Anderson. Is this an example of purrrfect style?

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I just visited your site. WoW it's amazing. You have such a cute persianator. I wish I had a kitty like yours, although she does look like she can get a bit moody sometimes. Anyway I must go now.

Keep up the good work.
Persianator Admirer