Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm not eating that


I am one fussy Persian cat. I think my lack of eating is slowly driving my human servants crazy and bankrupt. I give new meaning to the word fussy.

Every evening at six o'clock, on the dot I present myself for dinner. I like to stand right in front of the fridge. That way the humans know I want service. I'm not one for crying out. If they don't tend to me pronto, I like to give them an evil look.

Buffet style eating suits me best. I like a fresh bowl of water, with an ice cube if it's hot. Then I like my royal canin dry food for Persian cats in a nice clean ceramic bowl. When It comes to wet food I want it, but I'm not going to eat it. At best I'll just lick the gravy a little. Then I like to know what the humans are eating. I'll scratch the dining chairs until they offer me a taste of their dinner. Boy, do they eat some yucky stuff. Once I've see what their eating I usually high tail it out of the dining room and head for the couch.

I've complied a little list of foods I won't eat, for my humans.

1. milk and cream (yuck and double yuck)

2. fresh meat such as steak. ( I can' t be bothered with all that chewing)

3. Fish (No way.It stinks)

4. Chicken (Boring!)

5. Raw egg (Why would I want to eat raw egg??)

6. Prawns (Bad for your health. I'm watching my cholesterol)

7. Cat food in a tin (Would you eat it!?)
OK gotta go. Time for my afternoon nap

Me and my plushie

I've got a new friend. Plushie me! Don't we make a cute couple. One of me wasn't enough for faithful human servant. This delightful little kitty was adopted from Hamster's Etsy shop.