Saturday, August 15, 2009

Let them eat cake

My favourite human recently celebrated her 1st birthday. So of course there was a party. Some of the guests were a little noisy, so I spent much of the afternoon hiding.
I'm sure you'll agree no party is complete without a fantastic looking cake. And what could be more fantastic than a cat shaped cake! I was the inspiration for this cat face cake. I'm very pleased with the way the cake looked. The humans thought the cake tasted yummy. I would have preferred tuna flavour to chocolate.
So, if you want your next birthday party to be purrfect make a cat shaped cake!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Frisky Feline Airways is ready for take off !

I'm please to announce my latest and greatest business venture Frisky Feline Airways (FFA) is now operating. This is not your run of the mill airline. FFA caters for lovers for style, quality service and exotic locations. Why not escape the rat race! Come flying with me on FFA

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm not eating that


I am one fussy Persian cat. I think my lack of eating is slowly driving my human servants crazy and bankrupt. I give new meaning to the word fussy.

Every evening at six o'clock, on the dot I present myself for dinner. I like to stand right in front of the fridge. That way the humans know I want service. I'm not one for crying out. If they don't tend to me pronto, I like to give them an evil look.

Buffet style eating suits me best. I like a fresh bowl of water, with an ice cube if it's hot. Then I like my royal canin dry food for Persian cats in a nice clean ceramic bowl. When It comes to wet food I want it, but I'm not going to eat it. At best I'll just lick the gravy a little. Then I like to know what the humans are eating. I'll scratch the dining chairs until they offer me a taste of their dinner. Boy, do they eat some yucky stuff. Once I've see what their eating I usually high tail it out of the dining room and head for the couch.

I've complied a little list of foods I won't eat, for my humans.

1. milk and cream (yuck and double yuck)

2. fresh meat such as steak. ( I can' t be bothered with all that chewing)

3. Fish (No way.It stinks)

4. Chicken (Boring!)

5. Raw egg (Why would I want to eat raw egg??)

6. Prawns (Bad for your health. I'm watching my cholesterol)

7. Cat food in a tin (Would you eat it!?)
OK gotta go. Time for my afternoon nap

Me and my plushie

I've got a new friend. Plushie me! Don't we make a cute couple. One of me wasn't enough for faithful human servant. This delightful little kitty was adopted from Hamster's Etsy shop.

Sunday, April 8, 2007


As a discerning Persian kitty and a lover all things stylish. I thought I should share a few of my home decor tips with you.

1) It is optimal that your lounge suite is colour coordinated with your fur coat.

2) Do not allow any of the human servants to sit in your favourite chair. Create a diversion by meowing at the fridge, then when the human gets up to feed you reclaim the chair.

3) The kitchen bench should be renamed the kitty bench. After all it is a favourite spot for us kitty cats to sleep.

4) Don't be afraid to shed your fur all over the house. This is something that us long haired cats do with ease. You know your excelling at this when cat fur tumble weeds start forming around the house.

5) All cats MUST HAVE access to all areas of the house. Closed doors will not be tolerated. If you encounter a closed door scratch on it until your human servant opens it.

6) Allow your human servants to place several of your photos around the house.

7) The humans have happy hour but us cats have CRAZY HOUR! Ensure all furniture is positioned so as to enable high energy running,jumping and leaping!

8)Tile floors are fantastic! To get the most out of your tiled floors Keep the fur on the bottom of your paws long. Then run across the floor, when you reach maximum speed put your brakes on suddenly. You'll then continue to skid across the floor. This is great fun!!

9) The TV will look much better if you sit in front of it. Don't worry if you obstruct the screen. Cats are much more entertaining then anything shown on TV.

10) If your human servants have bought a piece of furniture that is not to your liking, scratch the offending item vigorously everyday until it falls apart.

Hope my tips help you create the purrfect kitty cat super stylish pad that you have always dreamed of .

Meow for now


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day greeting From the Cat

Dear Crazy cat lady,

I just wanted to wish you a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

Thanks for always being there for me and attending to my every whim.

For providing me with premium top of the range pet food (to which I turn my nose up at)

For allowing me to roam around the house, at my leisure. Which includes, on occasion letting me inspect the shower. God knows, why would I want to go in there. I HATE water!

For letting me get into bed with you on those cold winter nights. Please realise it was never my intention to smother you with my thick bushy tail.

For understanding my need to express my myself at 3am in the morning, by playing the venetian blinds. Arrrr what a melodious sound that is.

For forgiving me for that time I shredded your hand with my razor sharp kitty claws. Life would be so much easier if you would stop brushing me.

Hope you have a purrfect VALENTINES DAY

Love from the CAT

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

House cats and the home jungle.

Even the smallest house cat is king of the jungle. Even if that jungle happens to be a house in the middle of suburbia. My Persian cat Penelope has always been a house kitty. In fact she flatly refuses to go outside. Who can blame her? Nothing worse than getting leaves and grass stuck all over your luxurious fluffy coat.

No, Penelope prefers the jungle that is our house. So what, if there's no long grass to hide in. It's much more fun to wait under the bed for an unsuspecting foot to launch yourself at.

If your claws need sharpening don't use a tree outside, the texture and the quality of cane furniture is sooo much better.

And when your done sharpening your claws on expensive furniture why not take a nice relaxing cat nap. You don't want to sleep on the cold hard ground outside. What you need is a nice soft pile of freshly washed laundry to curl up in.

After you've recharged your batteries you might be ready for a spot of hunting. Hunting outside is no fun. Those birdies are to big and bothersome. The little creatures you find in the home jungle are much more fun. Moths and cockroaches can be chased around the house for hours; and they're CRUNCHY!

The little creatures make nice hors d'oeuvres, but a main meal calls for something more substantial. Fresh fish is best and hand feeding is preferable. Nothing is worse than eating your dinner outside in the elements. It's just not relaxing. You never know when an ambush from the cat over the back fence may occur.

After dinner nothing beats curling up on the couch and being pampered by your human servants. Nothing beats being queen (or king) of your own home jungle!!