Sunday, April 8, 2007


As a discerning Persian kitty and a lover all things stylish. I thought I should share a few of my home decor tips with you.

1) It is optimal that your lounge suite is colour coordinated with your fur coat.

2) Do not allow any of the human servants to sit in your favourite chair. Create a diversion by meowing at the fridge, then when the human gets up to feed you reclaim the chair.

3) The kitchen bench should be renamed the kitty bench. After all it is a favourite spot for us kitty cats to sleep.

4) Don't be afraid to shed your fur all over the house. This is something that us long haired cats do with ease. You know your excelling at this when cat fur tumble weeds start forming around the house.

5) All cats MUST HAVE access to all areas of the house. Closed doors will not be tolerated. If you encounter a closed door scratch on it until your human servant opens it.

6) Allow your human servants to place several of your photos around the house.

7) The humans have happy hour but us cats have CRAZY HOUR! Ensure all furniture is positioned so as to enable high energy running,jumping and leaping!

8)Tile floors are fantastic! To get the most out of your tiled floors Keep the fur on the bottom of your paws long. Then run across the floor, when you reach maximum speed put your brakes on suddenly. You'll then continue to skid across the floor. This is great fun!!

9) The TV will look much better if you sit in front of it. Don't worry if you obstruct the screen. Cats are much more entertaining then anything shown on TV.

10) If your human servants have bought a piece of furniture that is not to your liking, scratch the offending item vigorously everyday until it falls apart.

Hope my tips help you create the purrfect kitty cat super stylish pad that you have always dreamed of .

Meow for now